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     Novus offers its clients two separate but related services, credit

  restoration and debt settlement.  Many clients will need one but not

  the other, but the advantage of working with Novus is that we're one

  of the few companies that offers both.  Because of the expertise we

  bring to the table with both of these services we understand how

  they can compliment each other.


   Credit Restoration

     This is our core competency.  You have a right, by law (the Fair

  Credit Reporting Act), to dispute any item on your credit report that

   you deem inaccurate.  Your credit report is nothing more than a list of

   allegations.  Right now those allegations are going unchallenged and

   the credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion sell this

   unchallenged information to anyone willing to pay their fees.  We help

   our clients put the onus back on the credit bureaus.  Our goal is

   simple, "prove it, or remove it." We use the law and the techniques

   we've learned throughout the years to hold the credit bureaus and

   creditors collective feet to the fire.  We usually find that the

   derogatory items being reported on our client's credit reports to be

   untenable and eventually removed, either by a dispute to the credit

   bureaus, or directly to the creditor allegedly reporting the information

   to the credit bureau.  It sounds simple, and in theory it is, but the sad

   fact is that the credit bureaus and creditors throw up so many

   obstacles in the path of consumers that individuals rarely meet with

   the same success that we do.  Disputing items is not difficult, but

   getting positive results is.


  Debt Settlement

    Do you want to know a secret most of our competitors don't want

   you know?  Not every item can be removed by disputing.  Some items

   prove to be verifiable.  Furthermore, just because an item cannot be

   validated and is removed doesn't mean that you no longer owe the

   debt.  Collection accounts can be resold to new collection agencies,

   and we're increasingly seeing unsecured charge offs and collections

   becoming secured by means of liens and judgments, which can

   result in wage garnishments and bank levies.   When you speak to a

   professional at Novus we'll come up with a strategy appropriate to

   your  situation.



    "Right, but how much is this going to cost me?" You pay nothing

   upfront.  Beware of credit repair companies charging upfront fees.

   They're breaking the law.  After your no-cost, no-obligation

   consultation Novus will send you a contract and upon it's signed

   return, along with a credit report, we will begin putting a file together

   for you.  You will be given a login ID and password so that you may

   track your progress throughout the process.  Once all this is done

   and the disputes are processed and ready to be mailed to the

   bureaus you will be charged.  Fees are as follows:

  • $149 account set up fee ($50 off for couples)

  • $99 a month

     That's all.  No additional fees will ever be charged for credit

   restoration.   No per item deletion fee like many other companies,

   and no long term contract to sign.  You can cancel at anytime

   provided you give us a 30-day notice.  An additional $19.99 per

   month would be charged for debt settlement services.



     Novus stands behind its services.  While we can't guarantee an

   outcome, we can make it right to our clients by issuing a warranty on

   our service.  If an item is deleted from your credit report and that

   identical item ever reappears, Novus will remove it free of charge. If at

   the end of our program you aren't completely satisfied, Novus will

   conduct a reconciliation and issue you a refund equal to what you

   paid to Novus less $85 per deleted item.  Terms and conditions apply.

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