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   Novus was founded based on the belief that there was a better way to help people optimize their

  credit scores.  Having been involved in financing for years, the founders of Novus realized two things;

  one, the reliance on credit scores wasn't going away, and in fact was becoming increasingly critical to

  underwriting decisions in every type of financing, and secondly that the reputation of most of the

  companies involved in the credit repair industry was somewhere between snake oil salesman and used

  car salesman.

      After years of looking at what worked and what didn't, and always being compelled by the notion that

  there "has to be a better way," Novus was born.  Novus aggressively disputes items on its clients credit

  reports that are negatively impacting FICO scores.  Novus goes after anything--consumer lates,

  collection accounts, charge offs, inquiries, even bankruptcies and foreclosures if those items are being

  reported incorrectly.  There are no half measures.  Novus won't just dispute five items at a time like

  many of our competitors; if there are thirty items to be disputed we'll go after all thirty at once.  Novus

  won't only dispute the items with the credit bureaus, but also with the debt holder, and keep disputing

  them until they're all gone.  Novus continually researches the credit and debt industries to stay on top

  of new tactics and researches new ways to apply the laws for maximum results. 

     Why do we do it?  Because we love it.  Every time one our clients is able to lower a mortgage

  payment, or purchase a vehicle, or pass a credit check with a new employer because of our efforts we

  get an incredible sense of satisfaction and we know that

  we've found a better way.  


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